Pipe Milling Robot System

The robot is suitable, for example, for milling plastic and fiberglass pipes and cutting steel pipes (Video) . The robot can be placed in a sea container and easily moved on the truck platform to the pipeline site where it is needed.

The turning device can also be used to cut, for example, pipe curves or other 3D shapes.

  • Ready to use application for customized plastic pipe manufacturing process.
  • Hole Milling and cutting process is ~20x faster than manual manufacturing.
  • Robot can also make bevels or custom cutting patterns.
  • Self-contained in a 20 or 40-foot sea container with a lifting door (can operate outdoors) or mounted on an easily movable tubular beam frame (indoors).
  • Customer-specific interface - possibility to use ZIS Tube Cut software or RoboDK software
  • Pipe diameter: NPS_3 to NPS_32 (d80-800mm), Pipe length max 37ft (11m).
  • Robot accuracy 1/64” (0.5mm)
  • Power/A supply: 3x400V 32Amp and air 90-100psi (6-7bar). Add-on options: milling waste conveyor, vacuum cleaner in milling head, automatic tool change, barcode reading

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robot milling application

Bulk Bag Robot Application

bulking robot application

With the big bagging robot app, you can automate your old semi-automatic filling machine, so you don’t have to buy a completely new line and save up to hundreds of thousands of euros.

With our robotic solution, you will be able to increase your production capacity, efficiency and reduce your labor needs

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Pallet Handling Robot

Sunrob has delivered many robot applications to pallet handling and palletizing on pallets. Please contact for more information.

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pallet handling robots

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