Revolutionize Your Packaging Process Using Robots

Cutting-edge industrial robotics solutions for efficient and precise packing operations. We are strong in sheet handling (glass, plywood, veneers, fiber cement, etc.), food related packaging, and applications in the paper industry.

Our Offerings

Explore our range of industrial robots, packing production lines, simulations, and top-notch after-sales services.

Industrial Robots and Production Lines

Enhance your packing efficiency with our state-of-the-art industrial robots designed for various production needs.

Simulation of Packing Process

Simulation guarantees the success of your investment project at all stages of the project.

After Sales Service

Benefit of programming, maintenance and other dedicated after-sales services to support the smooth functioning of your packing operations.

Selective Focus Photograph of White Quadcopter Drone during Blue Hour

Our Story

With years of experience in delivering industrial robotics based packing solutions, Sunrob Packaging Inc is a trusted partner for all industries. Our expertise lies in providing new industrial robots and production lines for packing, simulation services, and comprehensive after-sales support.

Why Choose Sunrob

We stand out for our innovative solutions, reliability, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Experience excellence with Sunrob Packaging Inc.

Precision Engineering

Our robotics and production lines are engineered with precision to deliver accurate and reliable packing solutions for your products.

Comprehensive Support

From simulation services to after-sales support, we provide comprehensive assistance to ensure the smooth operation of your packing systems.

Ready to Transform Your Packing?

Contact us now for a consultation and experience the efficiency of our industrial robotic packing solutions.

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